Snow is an essential component of the Earth System. As both a permanent and an intermittent component of the cryosphere, it interacts with the atmosphere and the surfaces it covers (land, ice, sea ice) and it is one of the principal sources of feedbacks within the climate system. As an outcome of the Tromsø 2013 Workshop the WCRP/CliC Initiative for a ESM-SnowMIP intercomparison programme is a contribution to the WCRP Grand Challenge Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. The current strengths and weaknesses of snow models used in ESM and GCM must be assessed in order to provide guidelines for their improvement.
For more information, please contact the steering committee leads Gerhard Krinner or Chris Derksen, or any member of the group:Richard Essery, Alex Hall, Helmut Rott, Andrew Slater, Stefan Hagemann and Matthew Sturm.