About Abisko Field Station

Abisko Scientific Research Station is a unique, modern and comprehensive infrastructure situated in a sub-arctic wilderness area about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. As early as 1903 a research station was developed at Katterjokk, some 35 km west of Abisko. When the building burned down in 1910, a superior facility was built in Abisko, where meteorological monitoring and natural science research started in 1913. The station now holds a unique environmental record that extends 100 years back in time, as well as a vast portfolio of research activities totalling some 3,000 scientific publications. For more information about the station, current research and much more, visit their website: http://polar.se/en/abisko-naturvetenskapliga-station/om-forskningsstationen/.

As the field school approaches, we will post pertinent information regarding lodging, facilities, etc.

Photo: Philipp Theuring