Who we are

The Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) is a Core Project of the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). CliC is a global community of dedicated and enthusiastic researchers with expertise and knowledge of the cryosphere and its interactions with the climate system. CliC expertise spans simulation, modeling, field observations, process studies, and includes cross-disciplinary work and stakeholder engagement.

What we do

CliC identifies key research questions, priorities, gaps, and challenges pertaining to the cryosphere and its interaction with the global climate system and coordinates international activities to help address these matters. CliC highlights emerging issues, facilitates exchanges amongst scientists, and, with relevant external stakeholders, promotes international cooperation. CliC also communicates cryosphere-related science to policymakers, funding agencies, and the general public. To ensure that we are preparing for the future, CliC takes a leading role in promoting early career researcher development, including through fellowships.

How we work

CliC achieves its mission by bringing together scientists and stakeholders from all over the world to plan and take part in activities targeting the scientific priorities in cryosphere science. CliC’s activities are overseen by the CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG) which has the overall responsibility for planning and guiding the work of the Core Project. The CliC International Project Office supports the SSG and the wider CliC community in their work and is the main point of contact for CliC.