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WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) 2024

Title: Climate and Cryosphere

Authors: Edward Hanna

Date: May 2024

Earth System Modelling and Observations (ESMO) Plenary Meeting Presentation

Title: Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) – a WCRP Core Program

Authors: Tony Payne

Date: March 2024

52nd International Arctic Workshop Poster

Title: Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) in the Arctic

Authors: Meghan Taylor, Katie Quigley, Keith Alverson, Amy Lauren Lovecraft, Raymond S. Bradley

Date: March 2024

Global Cryosphere Watch Presentation

Title: Climate and the Cryosphere (CliC)

Authors: Keith Alverson

Date: February 2024

AGU 2023 Poster

Title: Climate and Cryosphere, a Core Project of the World Climate Research Programme

Authors: Keith Alverson, Raymond S. Bradley, Robert M. DeConto, Edward Hanna, Amy Lauren Lovecraft, Meghan Taylor, and Katie Quigley

Date: December 2023