Sea ice and Climate Modeling Forum Workshop on large-scale sea-ice simulations September 26th, University of Reading, UK

This one-day workshop brings together users and developers of sea-ice models to start a joint effort for improving sea-ice models. We will discuss the analysis of sea-ice biases in CMIP5 models, determine the most pressing needs for model development, identify the most helpful observational data, and compile a list of the most useful sea ice variables to be saved for CMIP6. The workshop is the first in a series of planned activities from the Sea ice and Climate Modeling Forum, which is a WCRP-CliC initiative that aims at improving and better understanding large-scale sea-ice simulations by coordinating a joint effort of the international sea ice modeling community. Following a few short plenary talks, the workshop will consist of breakout group and discussion sessions. For further information about the workshop and to register for it (by June 30th 2014), please go to:

This workshop is the final one in a series of related sea ice workshops around that time in central Europe, including

16+17 Sep: 6th IICWG/ICE-ARC workshop on sea ice modeling and data assimilation Toulouse

18+19 Sep: International Sea ice concentration and thickness inter-comparison and evaluation workshop, Hamburg

22+23 Sep: Arctic sea ice reduction: the evidence, models, and global impacts, Royal Society, London

24+25 Sep: Arctic sea ice reduction: the evidence, models, and global impacts – further discussion, The Royal Society at Chicheley Hall

Please email Alexandra Jahn, NCAR or Dirk Notz, MPI for Meteorology,  if you have any questions.