FrostbyteAs our current FrostByte editor, Erik Warming, have gained new responsibilities here at CliC, we need a new primary FrostByte editor.

About this volunteer work Erik wrote:

This is an interesting assignment. I am a geophysicist with focus on Greenland ice sheet and ice cores. Through this work I have gained an insight in lots of the other disciplines within polar research. Arctic flora, permafrost, the migration patterns of the arctic birds and Antarctica’s sea ice and glaciers, just to mention a few.

It is also refreshing to work with a media where you are allowed to play around and have some fun with the over wise serious science.

“Work” is maybe too big a word. More than two thirds of all the FrostBytes are already completed by the creator. The rest don’t have the skill/computer power and then I do the rest (see how-to video). When I have a ready FrostByte, I then upload it and post it on the CliC homepage. I will give my replacement a thorough guidance and stay as a secondary FrostByte editor.

If you are interested in seeing what other younger scientists are doing and want to be a part of this, contact