From 28-29 November, the International Council for Science (ICSU) held a Global Environmental Change EC) Projects meeting at UNESCO in Paris, France. The workshop was designed to seek feedback and involvement from all the GEC projects on i) Future Earth’s revised research framework; ii) Future Earth’s organizational design; and iii) a timeline and practical arrangements for transition to a fully operational Future Earth programme, including the transition and active involvement of these core projects. This was a consultative workshop, the results of which will be used by the Future Earth leadership (the Transition Team, the Transition Management Board, and the Future Earth Scientific Committee, when appointed) to finalise the overall Future Earth framework and design, and guide its implementation.
CliC’s Director, Jenny Baeseman, represented the project and was joined by fellow WCRP colleagues, Roger Barry (CLIVAR), David Griggs (WCRP Joint Science Committee) and Peter van Oevelen (GEWEX).
Presentations and other results from the meeting can be found at: