-SOOS is a CliC endorsed project and a close partner. CliC helped to sponsor the workshop this strategy was based upon.

The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) coordinated a workshop to help develop an international strategy for observing the ocean beneath the Antarctic sea ice and ice shelves. The draft of this strategy is now available and SOOS is seeking comments before November 4.

The focus of the strategy is on the ocean between the northern boundary of the winter sea-ice edge and the Antarctic coast. Interactions between the atmosphere, ocean and both sea ice and glacial ice (ice shelves, glacier tongues) will be discussed. Observations of the ice itself (e.g., structure of sea ice, glaciology) are clearly relevant but not the primary focus of this initiative.

Please send any comments you have to the committee members:
Steve Rintoul  (CSIRO, Aus);   Esmee van Wijk (CSIRO, Aus);   Anna Wåhlin (Gothenburg Uni, Sweden)

Draft Report (Word Document for tracking comments)
Report Figures (pdf – 3.8MB)