The International Permafrost Association Education and Outreach Committee, which CliC’s Director Jenny Baeseman serves on, is happy to announce that a Thematic Network on Permafrost has been established as part of the University of the Arctic (UArctic).
The Thematic Network on Permafrost can help support education and outreach activities dealing with permafrost for many institutes and organizations. At minimum, the network can offer collaboration and support for activities on the following three topics:
– Research cooperation
– Knowledge sharing in education
– Curriculum development and class/summer school cooperation

One project the network has already been working on is the International University Courses on Permafrost (IUCP) catalog: The IUCP catalog is a growing list of courses at universities around the world dealing with permafrost. If you are an instructor in for a permafrost course, the IUCP and the UArctic Thematic Network on Permafrost (TNP) can advertise your class and program information, aide in recruiting more diversified and qualified students, and more.  If you are a student looking for permafrost courses, search today!

If you have identified funding opportunities that incorporate outreach components for research projects, or if you are participating in an exchange program (undergraduate or graduate level) please contact us. Partnering with the TNP can help make your applications stronger and extend the scope of your existing programs. For more information contact Kenji Yoshikawa or visit: