What are your requirements for Southern Ocean satellite data? Are your data needs being met? Take this quick online survey!


This joint initiative of Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS), Climate and the Cryosphere (CliC), and World Meteorological Organization Polar Space Task Group (WMO PSTG) aims to identify the satellite data requirements for the Southern Ocean (across all temporal/spatial scales) and to compile this information into a community report of Southern Ocean satellite data requirements.

This is a great opportunity to voice your needs, and feed information directly into the strategic planning for future missions. Provide feedback on current data streams, issues with data access, validation issues, gaps in data products, spatial and temporal coverage etc. This survey is open to all Southern Ocean data users, across all data types (air-sea ­flux, sea ice, biological, physical, etc)

Deadline 31 May 2014

If you have any questions please contact Louise Newman (newman@soos.aq) or Jenny Baeseman (jbaeseman@gmail.com)

Image caption: Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper image of the Cape Adare region (image centered on 70.92°S, 171.62°E), December 12 1999 (about 21:00 UTC). The ETM simultaneously collects high-resolution data in 8 bands (0.45-12.5 microns) across a 180 x 183 km scene. Note that individual floe assemblages are resolved. Courtesy of US Geological Survey and Eosat International.