Bruno Tremblay (bruno.tremblay[@]

1- We are about to publish a paper on the Maxwell Elasto Brittle (MEB) rheology and show how the way the stress are brought back onto the yield curve along a line going through the origin in stress invariant space together with the damage parameterization leads to lack of convergence when sea ice is in convergence and the stress are high in compression.

2- We will run the MEB and standard viscous plastic rheology (Hibler) in a simulation of ice arches. This is work in progress, to be published in 2020.

3- I am running the MEB along with a viscous plastic rheology with Morh-Coulomg yield criteria both coded on our same in-house model. I.e. same numerics, model domain and yield curve in order to clearly delineate the difference between the two approaches that are linked with the physics (as opposed to those that are linked with the numerics such as the use of a Lagrangian advection scheme, finite element method, etc).

4- Jean-Francois Lemieux and Frederic Dupont are working on a short note about the correct way one should calculate the stress invariants in a sea ice model.