François Massonnet (francois.massonnet[@] and Martin Vancoppenolle (martin.vancoppenolle[@]
The scientific questions that will be studied:
-What is the importance of local and/or non-radiative feedbacks in which sea ice is involved, for sea ice or the polar climate?
-Can we define appropriate diagnostics, based on the standard CMIP output, to measure those feedbacks?
-Can we relate feedbacks to processes ? [ and remove the need for dedicated experiments]
-Can we relate the simulated feedbacks to the long-term response of the models?
-How non-linear/mean-state dependent are these feedbacks?
The processes that will be investigated:
-Sea ice growth, the negative ice thickness-growth feedback, how it compares in magnitude with its “rival”, the positive ice albedo feedback
-Ocean-sea ice interactions
The type of analyses that will be conducted:
-Development / application of feedback & process quantification using various simulations, including CMIP6
References to earlier works
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