1-ESA-CliC 2016As you may know, four years ago, ESA, the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project of the WCRP and EGU organised the first Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference at ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. After four years we will organise this meeting again looking for a wide discussion and networking forum for the cryosphere, climate, hydrology, modelling and EO communities to review the latest advances in the use of EO for cryosphere science and discuss the main scientific opportunities and research challenges for the future. Co-organised by ESA and CliC, this meeting will take place from 10 to 13 May 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. The purpose of this topical conference is:

  • To assess recent progress in the full range of cryosphere relevant EO-based observations and techniques;
  • To review the major scientific advances in cryosphere science;
  • To discuss the challenges and opportunities in cryosphere science offered by the new generation of EO satellites as well as the major observational gaps for the coming decades;
  • To consolidate a scientific roadmap outlining the main priorities and challenges for the cryosphere community in terms of novel observations, enhanced EO-based products and techniques and innovative scientific results.

The abstract deadline is still a ways away, 1 October 2015, but we want to make sure you schedule this into your upcoming must-attend conferences. More information about the event  is available on the conference web site: http://www.eo4cryosphere2016.info/

Thanks a lot and we looking forward to seeing you in Prague,
Diego Fenandez Prieto, Gerhard Krinner, Greg Flato, Jenny Baeseman, Mark Drinkwater