-ISMIP6 is a CliC Targeted Activity

thumbnail ismip6reportThe Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6) held a workshop entitled “ISMIP6 initialization, forcing and datasets” the weekend prior to the 2015 Fall AGU meeting (12-13 December 2015) at the Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, USA. The workshop occurred in a location adjacent to the GrIOOS meeting (Greenland Ice Ocean Observing System), which allowed a joint session on the morning of the 12th of December (and further interactions during breaks) between ISMIP6 and GrIOOS to discuss modeling needs versus what is achievable with observations. The ISMIP6 workshop was attended by 25 participants, and approximately consisted of 1/3 observationalists, 1/3 ice sheet modelers, 1/3 ice sheet – climate modelers. CliC was the only sponsor, and the funds received helped the travel of 10 participants.

The objectives of the workshop were to i) continue the planning of the ISMIP6 effort and gather information required for the ISMIP6 paper description required for the Geophysical Model Development (GMD) journal special issue on CMIP6 endorsed MIPs, ii) analyze the outcome from the first ISMIP6 experiment (initMIP) that focuses on the impact of initialization methods on sea level projections resulting from ice sheet models, and iii) start building collaboration between ISMIP6 participants and communities that could provide key input to ISMIP6. The sessions were designed with a similar format: introduction of the topics by a member of the ISMIP6 steering committee, presentations by our participants, followed by general discussions. The outcome will be a journal article that present the framework of ISMIP6, which will be submitted to GMD in the spring of 2016, a deadline set by CMIP6.

The full report of the ISMIP6 Initialization, Forcing and Datasets Workshop is now available.

[ISMIP6 Workshop Report]
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