– The Permafrost Carbon Network is a CliC sponsored activity

PCNA few news items from the Permafrost Carbon Network (PCN)….

An update on the PCN lead/co-lead workshop
PCN had a very successful workshop for synthesis leads and co-leads on May 11-12, 2015, in Flagstaff, AZ. In advance of the workshop, participants prepared scoping papers which contained details about the new synthesis activities that were then discussed at the workshop. All scoping papers are available on the Google Drive for PCN members. There are opportunities for interested members to become involved in these synthesis activities and so we encourage you to have a look through the suggested activities and to get in touch with the corresponding lead if you have data to share or are interested in participating. The full agenda and a list of participants can be found online. The meeting was co-sponsored by CliC.

PCN Session at the Paris Conference on ‘Our Common Future under Climate Change’
The Permafrost Carbon Network is co-chairing a session titled ‘Biogeochemical Feedbacks to Climate Change’ at the conference ‘Our Common Future under Climate Change’ in July in Paris. There are two talks related to Permafrost Carbon by Charlie Koven and Iain Hartley, and there will be an associated poster session.

Some recent publications
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