– CliC Steering Group members Peter Lemke is organizing this conference, and Larry Hinzman will be a keynote speaker

The conference „Our Climate – Our Future“, Regional perspectives on a global challenge will take place from 6–8 October, 2014 in Berlin Germany. It is organised in eight concurrent sessions, which cover an interdisciplinary spectrum of current international and national research work in regional climate change. Each session is highlighted by an internationally well-known scientist presenting his/her keynote during the conference.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Prof. René Laprise (Université du Québec à Montréal, CA )
  • Prof. Dr. Larry Hinzman (International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA)
  • Dr. Edouard Davin (Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Dr. Martyn Chipperfield (University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment, UK)
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Brönnimann (Oeschger Center, University Bern, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Pelling (Department of Geography, King’s College London, UK)
  • Prof. Dr. Helge Arz (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Research Sea Warnemünde, Germany)

Session 1: Regional climate system modelling
Session 2: Sea level changes from global to regional and local scales
Session 3: Arctic Change
Session 4: The land surface in the climate system
Session 5: Atmospheric composition and climate: Interactions from global to regional scales.
Session 6: Extreme meteorological events and their impacts in a changing climate
Session 7: Integrated strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation
Session 8: Rapid climate change in the past – mechanisms, processes and regional patterns

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