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Ice and Climate Newsletter Volume 16

ISSN 1811-0843

27 March 2013


Highlights from this Issue

– 12 April Deadline for CliC Workshop Funding Requests
– Arctic Freshwater Initiative Meeting 18 April
– Report from Decadal Climate Projections Workshop
– 3rd issue of Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Update
– CliC and IASC Sponsor Arctic Freshwater Budget Network
– Cryosphere Organizational Leaders Meeting Summary Available
– Upcoming Arctic Radiosonde Observations Data Assimilation Study Workshop
– Special Issue on “Earth Observation of the Cryosphere” now open



Latest CliC News

12 April Deadline for CliC Workshop Funding Requests

CliC has a limited set of funds that can be used to help support international collaboration of cryosphere research. Generally this is in the form of workshop participant travel to help increase the representation from underdeveloped countries and early career researchers. Funds can also be requested to help support key participant travel to workshops that address the interactions of climate and cryosphere and closely align with CliC priorities. CliC can support sessions at large conferences if the session is used to initiate or aid in the development of a CliC activity or product, such as a special journal issue. Generally requests are in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 Euros. Funding for workshop expenses such as food, beverages, venue rental, office supplies, administrative staff salary and overhead is generally not allowed. Funding requests that most closely aligned with CliC priorities will have a greater likelihood of success.

For 2013, the deadline is 12 April at 1600 GMT/UTC. In some cases, where urgent, requests received during the year can be considered.

More information can be found here:

Arctic Freshwater Initiative Meeting 18 April

The next meeting for the Arctic Freshwater Initiative, sponsored by CliC and IASC, will be held on 18 April in Krakow, Poland. This is a follow up to the Arctic Freshwater Initiative planning meeting held during the 2012 Fall AGU in San Francisco, CA, USA. Participation is limited, so please contact the organizers if you are interested in attending.

18 April 2013, 10:30 – 13:00
Conference Room of the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University, 33 Krupnicza Street, Kraków

The workshop is being held in conjunction with the Arctic Science Summit Week in Krakow, Poland from 13-19 April 2013. For more information on the conference, visit

Terry Prowse ( or Jenny Baeseman (

Sponsored by the Climate and Cryosphere Project and the International Arctic Science Committee.

Report from Decadal Climate Projections Workshop

– Contributed by Walt Meier, who received CliC support to attend

In October 2012, AMAP sponsored a workshop on “The Need for Decadal Climate Projections for Adaptation and Mitigation” at NOAA/PMEL in Seattle, Washington. The workshop focused on increasing need for decadal climate projections as the Arctic sea ice rapidly transitions to a new state. The workshop resulted in several recommendations, including focusing on a 2025-2040 time scale, based on the most likely emission scenario, as well as two centennial scale (2080-2010) projections. Many issues were discussed including: the need for better observations, improved models, refined climate scenarios, addressing regional projections, and developing useful probabilistic statements.

The workshop was meant to be a starting point with the next steps to begin concrete actions to address the critical issues and begin development of actionable sea ice projections. In collaboration with other international organizations (e.g., IASC), CliC can contribute to this effort by linking existing and future funded projects, recommend priorities, and facilitate discussion.

Download the workshop report here

3rd issue of Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Update

– SOOS is a CliC Endorsed Project

Inside the SOOS Update, Issue 3, March 2013:

  • NZ sponsors SOOS
  • SOOS meetings in 2013
  • Data portal launched
  • POGO-14
  • Southern Ocean Panel
  • GOOS Regional Alliance
  • SOOS Asian Workshop
  • SOOS Executive Officer

Download from the CliC Media Gallery or go to the SOOS website.

CliC and IASC Sponsor Arctic Freshwater Budget Network

The focus of the network is to answer questions and bridge knowledge gaps concerning the Arctic Freshwater Budget in relation to climate change. The goal is to identify the broader impacts from changing freshwater budgets, e.g., freshwater fluxes to the Arctic Ocean, contribution to the freshwater flows from cryospheric storage loss, changes in the hydrological cycles, etc., with the motivation to address local to global sustainable development issues.

The initiative is an outcome from an informal meeting held in conjunction with the AGU Fall Meeting in 2012 (sponsored by CliC and IASC), and a follow up teleconference in February 2013. The motivation for these meetings was to re-establish a network working with Arctic Hydrology. As a first task, an external proposal has been submitted and funded by IASC for start-up funding for a series of workshops to further plan and implement the new network. A proposal is also in development for submission to CliC.

Meeting notes from the previous meetings can be found here:

The next planning meeting will be held in conjunction with ASSW in Krakow, Poland on 18 April.

Cryosphere Organizational Leaders Meeting Summary Available

In a continuing effort to better coordinate international activities within cryosphere research, avoid duplication of efforts and combine resources, the leaders of various cryosphere organizations met during the Fall 2012 AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA, USA. Organizations participating in this meeting were: AGU-Cryosphere Group, ICSIH, EGU-Cryosphere, ARCUS, CliC, IPA, SCAR, APECS, IACS, and IASC. The agenda of the meeting revolved around making the most of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Cryosphere organizations earlier in 2012. In a tour de table, participants summarized the most important objectives of the MoU and the tasks that they thought should be pursued. One of the major outcomes from previous meetings was debuted – the Cryosphere Community Calendar, coordinated by the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project. Upcoming suggestions were more sharing of information and a potential annual joint Cryosphere Newsletter.

The meeting notes can be downloaded here. Questions about the December Meeting should be directed to Allen Pope <>.

If you or your organization would like to join this group, please contact the coordinator, Jenny Baeseman, CliC Director (

Arctic Radiosonde Observations Data Assimilation Study Workshop

CliC will host a workshop on 18 April in Krakow, Poland to discuss intensive radiosonde observations for data assimilation which are scheduled during September 2013 – leading to a better understanding of the uncertainty of the Arctic atmospheric circulation. The workshop will discuss the formation of a special observing network which obtains 3- or 6-hourly radiosonde data at Ny-Alesund and Tiksi stations, R/V Mirai, and potentially other locations. This workshop will to help coordinate the observing strategy and develop a future science plan. It is open for scientists who are interested in supporting and contributing to this experimental observing network.

The workshop is being held in conjunction with the Arctic Science Summit Week in Krakow, Poland from 13-19 April 2013. For more information on the workshop visit:

Special Issue on “Earth Observation of the Cryosphere” now open

Participants with both oral and poster contributions to the Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference held at the Italian center of the European Space Agency, ESRIN, by The Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project of the WCRP, the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) from 13th to 16th November 2012, is invited to submit full papers for the dedicated Special Issue on “Earth Observation of the Cryosphere” organised in “The Cryosphere” (TC), an international scientific journal of EGU dedicated to the publication and discussion of research articles, short communications and review papers on all aspects of frozen water and ground on Earth and on other planetary bodies. Papers will be peer reviewed following the journal standards and best practices. Go to: to submit your papers before the 31st May 2013. Please, be aware of the journal changes required to submit your papers: See Conference Album in the CliC media Gallery.

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Upcoming Events

For full details:

MAR 26-28

APR 18
Radiosonde Observations for Arctic Data Assimilation Study Workshop
Arctic Freshwater Initiative Meeting

MAY 23-24
SOOS Asian Workshop

JUN 5-7
CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observation Workshop

AUG 26-29
International Workshop on Antarctic Ice Rises

OCT 16-18
WCRP Cryosphere in a Changing Climate Grand Challenge Workshop

NOV 4-7
International Conference on Regional Climate – CORDEX 2013

Click here to see more upcoming events


Cryosphere Community News

News Bulletin of the IPA now available

Contents of Frozen Ground issue 36:

  • The Tenth International Conference on Permafrost, TICOP
  • IPA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The new Executive Committee of the IPA
  • IPY conference
  • Global Terrestrial network for Permafrost, GTN-P
  • Standing Committee on Outreach and Education
  • New Action Groups 2012
  • Arctic Development and Adaptation to Permafrost in Transition, ADAPT
  • 2012 Partnerships
  • GRENE-TEA (GRENE Terrestrial Ecosystem of the Arctic)
  • IPA in China
  • Upcoming events

Download the issue from the IPA website.

News from the International Council for Science – March 2013

Content of ICSU Insight March 2013:

  • Featured Project: Integrated Research on Disaster Risk
  • News from ICSU: Expert Group Meeting at UN on «Science and Sustainable Development Goals»; ICSU sponsors conference on research integrity; IPBES holds first plenary meeting in Bonn; ScienceOnline 2013 Watch Party; Black carbon report generates media coverage; Results of ICSU Communications Survey; New Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme
  • News from the Regions
  • Events Calendar

Read more in: ICSU Insight March 2013.

Online Arctic Sea Ice Forum Encourages Dialog Between Researchers and Society

A new online tool for discussing Arctic Sea Ice and other aspects of the cryosphere has been established by Neven Curlin as an extension to the Arctic Sea Ice Blog. The forum is designed to improve the interface between the public and the scientific community by creating an area for the exchange of dialog concerning the cryosphere, global warming in general and what can be done to adapt to changes. As scientists have the best tools to assess the risks of climate change, it would be appreciated if even more (cryospheric) scientists would share their knowledge and expectations about current events and things to come through this forum. To participate in the discussion go to Arctic Sea Ice Forum

WCRP E-zine 25 available now

The March issue of the WCRP E-zine, n. 25, is now available in the CliC media gallery or Click here to download the pdf version.

In this issue:

Upcoming WCRP Conferences
Science Highlights
News and Newsmakers
Upcoming WCRP Sponsored Events

IGS International Symposium on Radioglaciology

The Symposium is hosted by the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) and will take place September 9 to September 13, 2013, at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. The Symposium will cover recent measurements and signal processing advances that are leading to new discoveries. It will also examine the observational needs of the next-generation ice sheet models, and how radioglaciology can support modeling requirements. Abstract submission by 27 April 2013. Please find further information, including a Call for Abstracts and the 2nd Circular on the event at: and

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Online Publications Database (ASTIS)

Canada’s national northern database, the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS), now describes 77,000 publications and research projects. The database is available at: ASTIS includes all subjects and covers the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, the northern parts of seven provinces, and Canada’s arctic waters.

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Sea Ice Field Course

The course: Field techniques in interdisciplinary sea-ice research GEOS/MSL 695 (2 CR) will take place from 8-18 May 2013 at UIC-NARL in Barrow, Alaska and is open to graduate students in earth, environmental, marine and biological sciences and engineering. Visit the course website at:

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Online registration for IGS 2013 open

The Symposium on ‘Changes in Glaciers and Ice Sheets: observations, modelling and environmental interactions’ is due to be held 28 July–2 August at the Beijing Conference Center in Beijing, China. Online registration now open at:
The pre-registration deadline is 15 May 2013. After that date a late fee of $80 will be added

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Special permafrost and rock glacier issue

The “Austrian Permafrost Working Group” published a special issue in the peer-reviewed journal “Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences” (AJES). This special issue contains twelve state-of-the-art contributions from Austrian permafrost scientists. For details and free download of paper visit

Read More

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