Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) has redone the Snow, Water, Ice and Permaforst in the Arctic (SWIPA) website. SWIPA was coordinated by AMAP and produced in collaboration with International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), CliC and International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA) to bring together the latest scientific knowledge about the changing state of each component of the Arctic ‘cryosphere’. SWIPA examines how these changes will impact both the Arctic as a whole and people living within the Arctic and elsewhere in the world and was released in 2011. On the new website you can find products and materials presenting the results of the SWIPA assessment like reports, videos, time-lapse movie clips and photographs. The materials posted on the site are freely-available for non-commercial use, including press/media use, and production of educational and outreach materials, etc. Visit the new face for SWIPA at: