We are pleased to announce several new members to the CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG) began their terms on 1 January 2013.

Greg Flato (CCCMA, Victoria, Canada) has now taken over the chair role for CliC from Konrad Steffen (WSL, Switzerland). Other new members include:

  • Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (N.Bohr Inst., Uni. Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Larry Hinzman (U. Alaska, USA)
  • Nalan Koc (Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway)
  • Gerhard Krinner (LGGE, France)
  • Peter Lemke (AWI, Germany)
  • Rob Massom (AAD, ACE CRC, Hobart, Australia)
  • Tetsuo Ohata (JAMSTEC, Japan)

We are also very pleased that several of the past SSG members will remain on the committee for a year or more to help guide the new directions of the CliC project.

  • Alexander Klepikov (AARI, Russia)
  • Annette Rinke (AWI, Germany)
  • Helmut Rott (U. Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Vladimir Romanovsky (U. Alaska, USA)
  • Cunde Xiao (Chinese Ac. Met., China)

To learn more about these outstanding scientists, please visit: http://www.climate-cryosphere.org/index.php/about/ssg.

The SSG has been significantly renewed, with many new members and a few returning to the SSG. Over the next year, we will be revising the CliC Strategy to reflect the many new developments of our partner and sponsor organizations. We hope that during this process we will receive feedback and guidance from the CliC community.

We would also like to take this time to thank those stepping down from the CliC SSG. Koni Steffen has been an instrumental and charismatic leader for the CliC project for many years and we would like to thank this opportunity to thank him very much for his strong leadership and service. We are happy to report that Koni will continue to be involved in CliC activities on many levels and we thank him for his continued support.  Gino Casassa has also planned a critical role in enhancing CliC activities in South America and as the Vice Chair of CliC. We also thank Sebastian Gerland for many years of great input on sea ice research and, basically, founding the the CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group and are pleased that he will remain on it.  We would also like to thank David Bromwich for his highly professional input to a variety of CliC-related issues over these years and we hope that his efforts in the area of polar reanalysis will keep to serve CliC and WCRP.   We would like also to thank Ayako Abe-Ouchi for her input to a number of discussions and hope that CliC could rely on her expertise in the future, particularly in our efforts aimed at supporting the development of ice-sheet models.

The new SSG will meet in Potsdam, Germany from 4-7 February, thanks to the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) who will be our host.