A new review concerning the mountain cryosphere, co-authored by CliC SSG member Shin Sugiyama, has been published in Nature: Characteristics and changes of glacial lakes and outburst floods

Today, over 10 million people across the world are vulnerable to glacial lake outburst floods, with 3,151 flood events in reported 2022. In High Mountain Asia alone, these flooding hazards are projected to triple by 2100, especially with continued high emissions.

Read the review below for more information.

More about CliC’s efforts in the mountain cryosphere

CliC aims to understand and assess the wide range of societal impacts of the loss of the mountain cryosphere through a newly proposed strategic initiative: Impacts of Changes in the Mountain Cryosphere (IC-MontC). If you are interested in getting involved and/or would like to be added to our IC-MONTC mailing list, contact the CliC IPO at info@climate-cryosphere.org.