If you are looking for a few new interesting soundbytes of cool research happening in the cryosphere, we have just the thing for you. CliC has teamed up with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) to help enhance their FrostBytes project. FrostBytes are short (often 30-60 second) videos of researchers talking about their current projects and neat discoveries. Erik Warming, an APECS member and ice sheet graduate student, has been helping early career scientists who have attended recent CliC sponsored workshops to create a few new FrostBytes. Check them out:

FrostBytes from the CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop – June 2013:
Tarmo Kiik: Ice Studies in the Russian Empire in the 19th Century
Jennifer King: Sea Ice tracking from SAR in the Arctic
Matthew Shupe: Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties and Processes
Thomas Hollands: Satellite Observations of Polynias

FrostBytes from the Research Coordination Network (RCN) on Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon in Florida May – 2013:
Jorien Vonk: Permafrost carbon on its journey from land-to-ocean
Britta Sannel: Thermokarst lake dynamics in permafrost peatlands during recent decades

APECS’ founding Director, Jenny Baeseman, the current CliC Director, developed this concept for the IPY Montreal Conference and we are pleased that the new APECS leadership is working with us to continue generating more outreach for the cryosphere. As one of the requirements for early career researchers receiving travel funds to attend CliC sponsored events, they are required to share their research by developing a FrostByte which teaches them one way to communicate their science.

To make your own FrostByte, visit CliC’s FrostBytes webpage. For more FrostBytes and other cryosphere videos from CliC, visit our media gallery, our Vimeo channel, or subscribe to our podcast series.