1-wcrp-wwrpCall for Nominations – due date for nominations is 1 October 2015

As the demand for more accurate regional weather and seasonal predictions as well as climate projections increases the need to improve the weather and climate models that underpin those predictions and projections becomes more urgent.

In recognition of the essential role model development plays to weather and climate science, the WCRP and WWRP are seeking nominations for the “WCRP/WWRP International Prize for Model Development”. The prize will be awarded annually for an outstanding contribution to weather and climate model development by an early- to mid-career researcher. It comprises a certificate signed by the Chairs of the WCRP JSC and WWRP SSC as well as funding for the recipient to present the results of their research at a major relevant conference or meeting of their choice.

Selection Criteria:

Candidates should:

  1. Be within the first ten years of their career as measured by receipt of a PhD or equivalent highest qualification
  2. Have made a significant contribution to the development of a model with a demonstrable impact on the model results
  3. Have made a significant contribution to the wider community such as publications, editorships, organizing/convening activities, operational implementation or strong engagement in national and international modelling programmes

Selection process:

The candidates should be nominated by filling in the nomination form (PDF version) or (Word version) provided in the Appendix. This includes a statement from the proposer (preferably a person with a good knowledge of the candidates work) and as well as from a seconder. These statements should specifically address the above criteria. This should be supported by up to 3 papers or technical notes documenting the model improvement and evidence of the candidate’s individual contribution, as well as the candidate’s CV.

Nominations should be sent by email to the WCRP ( mrixen@wmo.int) and WWRP ( pruti@wmo.int) offices at WMO and must be received before 1 October 2015. The winner will be announced within 6 weeks of the nomination closing date.

If no suitable candidate is found, the prize will not be awarded.