The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) is seeking to appoint a new Director to take up duty on January 1st, 2014. Based in Geneva. Deadline for application is 5 November 2013. Detailed information is available through the WCRP website. Full vacancy notice at: Applications are accepted through the WMO’s Personal History Form at:


The World Climate Research Programme WCRP was established in 1980 under the joint sponsorship of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and, since 1993, also by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO to determine the predictability of climate and to determine the effect of human activities on climate. WCRP facilitates analysis and prediction of Earth system variability and change to make it possible to use this predictive knowledge in developing adaptation and mitigation strategies. Such strategies assist the global communities in responding to the impacts of climate variability and change on major social and economic sectors including food security, energy and transport, environment, health and water resources. WCRP organizes meetings, workshops and conferences to coordinate and facilitate climate research. CliC is one of the four current core projects of WCRP. Visit WCRP at:

Applications from suitably qualified female and male candidates are equally welcome. The statutory retirement age after 1 January 2014 is 65. For external applicants, only those who are expected to complete the term of appointment will normally be considered.

Duties and responsibilities for the WCRP Director:

Subject to overall policy directives of the Secretary General of WMO on behalf of the sponsoring bodies (WMO, ICSU and IOC of UNESCO) and with the guidance and coordination of the Deputy Secretary General, the incumbent is responsible for the international coordination, planning and organization (where appropriate) of scientific research projects and related activities contributing to the goals of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). In order to fulfill this task, the incumbent will represent the interests of the Programme with relevant governmental and nongovernmental international organizations and a wide range of national administrations and research agencies. He/she will also need to establish effective working relationships with a broad international community of scientists in all fields of geosciences, including meteorology and atmospheric sciences, oceanography, polar sciences, hydrology and land surface processes, as well as Earth system sciences, engineering and socioeconomic sciences. The specific duties of the incumbent will be:

(a) To direct the work of the Joint Planning Staff (JPS) for the WCRP, especially in respect of the preparation and organization of scientific consultations and planning meetings, and the preparation of supporting documents;

(b) To assist the Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) for the WCRP in formulating the concept and specific goals for the WCRP and its core projects and their related activities, and in developing the scientific strategy for global climate research;

(c) To provide secretariat assistance for the JSC and to guide and support the activities of the WCRP councils, working groups, study groups and panels of experts established by the JSC and WCRP Core Projects;

(d) To follow the implementation of all components of the Programme and to report to the JSC on the progress of WCRP activities;

(e) To take action, as appropriate, for the implementation of WCRP Core Projects, in coordination with the JSC and Core Projects Science Steering Groups (SSGs);

(f) To maintain liaison with the chairperson, officers and members of the JSC and serve as the focal point for communication with sponsoring organizations, as well as participating agencies, scientific institutions and scientists;

(g) To initiate and develop close relationships with national and international funding agencies related to resource mobilization in support of the activities of the WCRP;

(h) To work closely with the relevant sponsors programmes, in particular the Global Framework for Climate Services, the World Climate Programme, the Atmospheric Research and Environment Programme, the Future Earth, and the ocean-related research, as well as with the Global Climate Observing System and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, on the planning, coordination and implementation of climate related activities;

(i) To facilitate the process of nomination, evaluation and selection of the JSC members and chair in coordination with the WMO Secretary General, the WMO Executive Council and in consultation with the other WCRP major sponsors;

(j) To report regularly to WCRP major sponsors on the achievements, ongoing and planned activities, and other information that could be considered relevant for the sponsors’ governing bodies in order to facilitate the communication and feedback between them and the WCRP in reaching decisions about the Programme.

In accordance with the terms of the WMO/ICSU/IOC of UNESCO Agreement on the WCRP, the incumbent will be responsible for the scientific and technical tasks discharged by the JPS to the Chairperson of the Joint Scientific Committee for the WCRP acting in harmony with the overall aims and interests of the sponsoring organizations and, for financial and administrative matters, to the Secretary General of WMO.


Postgraduate degree (Doctorate or equivalent) in a relevant field of geosciences, such as meteorology, atmospheric sciences, oceanography, polar sciences, hydrology, Earth system sciences, or basic sciences such as physics and chemistry with subsequent experience in a relevant field of geosciences.

A minimum of 15 years experience in climate science and global environmental change research, and management. International recognition as research scientist or university professor, in relevant field(s) of Earth system sciences. Extensive professional experience (10 years minimum) in the planning and organization of large scientific projects and/or the management of a scientific institute. Demonstrated record of publishing scholarly papers in open and peer reviewed literature. Familiarity with science management and policy decision processes at the national and international levels. Familiarity with the working procedures of international organizations. Demonstrated ability in science communication to policymakers, and in resource mobilization through voluntary contributions and competitive proposals.

Other requirements
The ability to establish and maintain professional contacts at a senior level within the three WCRP sponsoring agencies (WMO, ICSU, IOC of UNESCO) and other organizations involved in climate research. Exposure and sensitivity to a multicultural environment; demonstrated capability for original thought and initiative, maturity of judgment and the ability to lead a team or participate effectively as a team member would be a definite advantage. Ability to write scientific reports, documents and correspondence in English and to produce final texts and tables using modern multimedia software and hardware; familiarity with budgeting and costing and acquisition of goods and services through competitive process. Knowledge of major global development initiatives and the expected role of climate science and services in sustainable

Excellent knowledge of English or French and a good working knowledge of the other language. Knowledge of other official languages of the Organization would be an advantage. (Note: the working languages of the WMO Secretariat are English and French. The official languages of the Organization are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.)