ISOMIP+ prescribes four idealized experiments for ocean models that support ice-shelf cavities. The experiments are designed to improve community understanding of both the models themselves (both their capabilities and their limitation) as well as physical processes involved ice-ocean interactions.

ISOMIP+ has three main goals:
1. provide comparable model results as a sanity check during model development,
2. explore the ocean-model setup on its own before coupling to an ice-sheet model in the MISOMP1 experiments,
3. provide a basic setup from which a large variety of parameter and process studies could usefully be performed.

The experiments are:
-Experiment 1: cold-to-warm forcing with static ice-shelf geometry,
-Experiment 2: warm-to-cold forcing with static ice-shelf geometry,
-Experiment 3: warm forcing with retreating ice-shelf geometry,
-Experiment 4: cold forcing with advancing ice-shelf geometry.

A complete description of the experiments will be published in an article in Geoscientific Model Development, to be submitted in July, 2015.

isomip+ expt1

Grid geometry for each experiment comes from a MISMIP+ simulation using BISICLES with SSA. The original BISICLES geometry can be found here: (13M) (13M) (133M)
(Experiment 4 geometry coming soon…)
The same data has been smooth and resampled to the ISOMIP+ Standard (STD) 2-km grid here: (462K) (462K) (44M)
(Experiment 4 geometry coming soon…)

temperature cross-section

Example output from POP2x runs includes movies as well as NetCDF files demonstrating the format of the output grid. Participants may find it useful to use these files for their own output, replacing the POP2x results with their own. (306M) (306M) (1.5G)
(Experiment 4 geometry coming soon…)