The 2018 ISMASS Workshop will be held on June 15, 2018, during the SCAR and IASC/ASSW Business Meetings part of POLAR2018 in Davos, Switzerland. The 2018 ISMASS Workshop is an all-day, open workshop.

Organisers: Edward Hanna (University of Lincoln, UK;; Catherine Ritz (Universite Grenoble Alpes, France), Francisco Navarro (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Frank Pattyn (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

Recent research shows continued ice mass losses from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets in the light of continued global warming. The purpose of this workshop is to:
(1) review recent observational estimates, and their related uncertainties, of ice sheet mass balance (including surface mass balance, basal melting and solid-ice discharge components) and their response to climate change, and to reach a consensus on the magnitude of current ice-sheet contribution to sea-level change;
(2) review recent improvements in ice-sheet modelling and the use of updated mass-balance observational datasets in ice-sheet models;
(3) disseminate this improved understanding both to other researchers and also to policymakers and the general public.

An important emphasis will be exploring data-model linkages and making appropriate recommendations to the research community, which will highlight any remaining deficiencies and outstanding opportunities for collaborative work.

This workshop is an update of the 2012 Portland ISMASS workshop on a broadly similar theme, and is expected to provide a timely review of the current state of the science in advance of the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report that is due in around 2021.

Please see for information on location and registration (CHF 30,- registration fee applies for this ‘side’ meeting to the main POLAR2018.

In the morning there will be a number of high-profile invited speakers, listed below, followed in the afternoon by ample opportunity for discussion with an expert panel. You are most welcome to attend but, given room-capacity limitations – our allocated room, called “A. Wisshorn”, holds 96 people – *it may be wise to register your interest with Edward Hanna ( ASAP to guarantee a space. Please put “ISMASS15june” in the subject of your email. Places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. (Please note you also need to register through the POLAR2018 website, linked above, if attending.)

In addition to the invited talks listed below, we welcome up to 10 further short talks of 10 mins each. Also there will be room to display up to 20 posters of “A0” size Please send a title and 100-200 word abstract to EH by 8 June if you are interested in presenting either a talk or poster.

We have secured some limited travel funding for Early Career Researchers, and further details on this will be disseminated soon.


All talks and discussion will be held in the room “A. Wisshorn”

09:00 Tony Payne, University of Bristol (KEYNOTE: Challenges in making useful projections of the future sea-level contributions of ice sheets)

09:30 Andy Shepherd, University of Leeds (KEYNOTE: Satellite observations of ice sheet mass balance)

10:00 Frank Pattyn, Université libre de Bruxelles (Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets under 1.5degC global warming)

10:20 overspill and/or general discussion

10:30 coffee break/view posters
11:00 Heiko Goelzer, Utrecht University [The Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6)]

11:20 Michiel van den Broeke, Utrecht University (Using regional climate models to identify SMB-driven mass changes of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets)

11:40 Miren Vizcaino, Delft University of Technology (Coupled Greenland ice sheet and global climate modelling)

12:00 Vincent Favier, University Joseph Fourier – Grenoble (Antarctic Ice Sheets surface mass balance/data-model links)

12:20 Pippa Whitehouse, University of Durham (Glacial Isostatic Adjustment)

12:40 overspill and/or general discussion

13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00 PANEL DISCUSSION (Tony Payne, Andy Shepherd, Michiel van den Broeke, Pippa Whitehouse, chaired by Pattyn/Hanna; answer questions from audience).

15:00 View posters.

15:30 coffee break

16:00-17:00 CORE GROUP (workshop organisers, invited speakers) discuss possible paper

~18:00 for 18:30-21:30 SCAR-SPONSORED DINNER for invited speakers and workshop organisers (at Schneider’s Davos,, ~500 metres walk from conference centre)