1-2012Polarstern_ARKXXVII_SMenze013We are trying to harmonize and improve the way in which sea-ice related variables are saved in CMIP6 and other large-scale modelling activities through a new diagnostic Sea Ice Model Intercomparison Project (SIMIP). The variables allow researchers to analyze the three budgets that govern the evolution of sea ice and its impact on the Earth’s climate system, namely conservation of heat, the momentum balance and tracer conservation. In addition, variables are included that allow for the high frequency analysis of the sea-ice state itself.

The proposed variable list updates and unifies some of the definitions included in CMIP5 to more closely resemble the actual physical quantity (e.g., sea ice thickness). In addition, it includes new variables that are needed for an in-depth understanding of sea-ice evolution in CMIP6 simulations. The list was initiated at the 2014 Large scale sea ice Modeling workshop in Reading, UK, organized by the CliC Sea Ice and Climate Modeling forum and then later refined by the co-Chairs of SIMIP and the SIMIP SSG.

Please send any suggestions of missing variables, errors, unclear definitions, etc to the SIMIP co-chairs Dirk Notz and Alex Jahn by email before March 31.

You find this draft in the form of an EXCEL-sheet and as a pdf at http://www.climate-cryosphere.org/activities/targeted/simip