-Contributed by Kenny Matsuoka
-The 2013 International Workshop on Antarctic Ice Rises was co-sponsored by CliC

PictureIceRisesNewsItemA review paper on Antarctic ice rises and rumples is now published in Earth Science Reviews:
Matsuoka et al. (2015): Antarctic ice rises and rumples: Their properties and significance for ice-sheet dynamics and evolution. Earth Sci. Rev., vol. 150, pp.724-945.

This paper is a community paper contributed by 20 authors from multiple disciplines, including glaciology, geology, oceanography, atmospheric sciences, and climate. It reviews the current status of our knowledge, and highlights the knowledge gap, and discusses key directions of the future research. The inventorying work presented in the paper found 170 ice rises and 510 ice rumples. The inventoy is available here.

This is a direct output of an International Workshop on Antarctic Ice Rises in 2013, sponsered by SCAR’s Standing Scientific Group of Physical Sciences, CliC, APECS, Research Council of Norway, British Antarctic Survey and Center for Ice, Climate and Echosystems of the Norwegian Polar Institute. We thank all of the workshop participants and the sponsors.

These paper/dataset as well as workshop presentation materials are downloadable from the workshop website hosted by CliC.

We hope that this paper is useful to develop ice rise/rumple research further.