– The Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate Group (ASPeCt) is a CliC working group

The Integrated Climate Data Centre (ICDC) at the University of Hamburg, Germany has released new snow depth on sea ice data following the SCAR/CliC Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt) protocol. See the snow depth data from Antarctic ship observations at: http://icdc.zmaw.de/snowdepth_seaice_shipobs_ant.html?&L=1.

In addition, ICDC has also created a new web portal with a number of unique data sets (see below) for use by anyone working on routines, approaches, models, services, operations, and projects that deal with the marine cryosphere. For the sea ice and snow pages go to: http://icdc.zmaw.de/cryosphere.html?&L=1