At the upcoming SOOS SSC meeting in Shanghai the science theme workplans will be discussed. The workplans are supposed to present what the community have identified as being the gaps in observations/knowledge that SOOS can help fill. Anna Wåhlin has tried to summarize in a draft document the discussions about the Ice Shelf theme workplan from the FRISP meeting in Stockholm and from the Under Ice workshop and various other forum and seeks feedback on the draft before the 9th May. It will then be possible to incorporate the feedback into the document that has to be sent before May 10 (Australian time). All feedback is welcome though, also after the May 9th deadline – this document will serve as aid during the discussions during the meeting on May 20-22 so there will be good opportunity to bring up any feedback provided before the meeting. Send feedbak to: Anna Wåhlin e-mail:

Find links to the draft workplan, the instructions that were given for the workplans, Table 1 (so you can make changes directly into it), and the original Table 1 from SOOS implementation plan (mentioned in the instructions) below. The implementation plan itself can be found on the SOOS webpage,

Download documents here: