The ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Program ( has asked for input from the CliC Community about which Antarctic satellite data products would be most valuable. They invite you, as a possible future user of these data products, to provide recommendations and feedback about what products you think it would be most useful for an Antarctic CCI project to focus on. To assess the user requirements for satellite based Antarctic ice sheet data products please complete the short on-line survey at:, containing just 16 multiple choice questions which take only 10 minutes to complete. The survey will remain open until 16.09.2013.

The CCI aims to fully exploit the long-term global Earth Observation (EO) satellite data archives that ESA and its member states have acquired over the last 30 years. The goal of the CCI  is to provide stable, long-term, error characterised, satellite based essential climate variable (ECV) data products derived from multiple satellite datasets for use by scientific and stakeholder communities.
Currently 13 different thematic ESA CCI projects exist including 3 cryosphere related CCI projects, namely ‘Sea Ice’, ‘Glaciers’ and the ‘Greenland Ice Sheet’. In order to complement these existing activities ESA have launched a scoping study to determine the user requirements for satellite data products that should be developed as part of an Antarctic CCI project. Examples of possible Antarctic satellite data products include ice velocity, surface elevation change and grounding line location and they require information from the scientific community about which products would be most valuable. Your feedback will be used to help the CCI prioritise which Antarctic CCI products should be produced, along with what the geographical and temporal distribution should be in order to maximize the scientific and societal outcome of the project.