thumbnailssg13reportThe Report of the 13th Session of the WCRP Climate and Cryosphere Project (CliC) Scientific Steering Group (SSG) is now available. The CliC SSG met for its 13th session on February 17‐18, 2017. The meeting was hosted at the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), and was co‐sponsored by WCRP, the CliC IPO, the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), and VUW. The CliC SSG‐13 took place in
conjunction with the IGS/IACS/CliC International Symposium on the Cryosphere in a Changing Climate held at VUW from February 13‐17, 2017. Twenty‐seven participants from thirteen different countries attended the meeting (twenty five in person; two remotely). The meeting was chaired by CliC Co‐Chairs Gerhard Krinner and James Renwick.

[WCRP CliC SSG 13 Report]