As one of the requirements for early career researchers receiving travel funds to attend CliC sponsored events, they are required to share their research by developing a FrostByte, a short videos on the latest and greatest cryosphere research they are working on. We are happy to present a number of new FrostBytes from recent workshops:

FrostBytes from the PALSEA2 Workshop: Estimating rates and sources of sea-level change during past warm periods, held in Rome, Italy from 21-24 (25) October 2013:

Anders Carlson: Ice-Sheet Paleo-History
Erin Dlabola: Past Enviroments of Fiordland, New Zealand
Jean Liu: Constraining the source of the largest sea-level rise recorded in geological history, MWP-1A
Gina Moseley: Relative sea-level shange in the Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico derived from growth of stalagmites
Kelsey Winsor: A pre-Little Ice Age Late-Holocene glacier maximum in southern Greenland

FrostBytes presented at the WCRP Cryosphere in a Changing Climate Grand Challenge, held in Tromsø, Norway from 16 – 18 October 2013:

Alfredo Costa: Antarctic Climate Change and Variability & connections with global processes
Natalie Kehrwald: Playing with fire: Biomass burning, climate and the cryosphere
Shelley MacDonell: Finding water in the desert
Allen Pope: Studying Ice and Snow with Landsat 8

FrostBytes presented at the Ice Rises Workshop from August 26 to 29 2013 in Tromsø, Norway:

Surendra Adhikari: Future Evolution of Antarctic Bed Topography
Chris Borstad: Weakening contract between ice shelves and ice rises caused by fractures
Joel Brown: Ice rise mass balance from ground based measurements
Knut Christianson: Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Resaerch Drilling: Surface Geophysics
Reinhard  Drews: Ice-Rises and Ice Rumples
TJ Fudge: Dating an Antarctic Ice Core
Jonny Kingslake: Three-dimensional velocity structure of ice rises measured using phase-sensitive radar
Adriano Lemos: Comparative Analysis of Variations in Wet Snow Zone & the Main Break-up & Retreat Events in Wilkins Ice Shelf
Oliver Marsh: Ice Thickness at ice rises around Antarctica derived from satellite interferometry
Atsu Muto: Gravity Measurements
Morgane Philippe: Constraining ice mass changes in Antarctica
Kiya Riverman: Why is there fast ice flow on NE Greenland, and how will it impact sea level rise??
Brice Van Liefferinge: Are ice rises cold or warm based? Consequences for their flow regime

More FrostBytes from the CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop, held in Tromsø, Norway from 5 – 7 June 2013:

Gina Henderson: Naval Academy Ice EXperiment
Penelope Wagner: Evaluating the Sea Ice Edge with the Use of Operational Charts

Erik Warming, an APECS member and ice sheet graduate student, is helping early career scientists who attend CliC sponsored workshops to create FrostBytes, see his How to make a FrostByte video. To make your own FrostByte, visit CliC’s FrostBytes webpage. For more FrostBytes and other cryosphere videos from CliC, visit our media gallery, our Vimeo channel, or subscribe to our podcast series.

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