The CliC Scientific Steering Group will hold its 20th meeting from 24-26 August, 2024 alongside the SCAR Open Science Conference in Pucón, Chile.

We hope that this will allow many CliC affiliated scientists, Tasks and Activity leads attending the SCAR OSC to also attend the SSG meeting. If you will be at the SCAR OSC and are interested in making use of this opportunity to interact with the CliC SSG, please contact the International Project Office at

In addition to holding our annual steering committee meeting, CliC is co-organizing a scientific session and a workshop. Juan Höfer, CliC SSG member, is co-convening a session as well. Details and registration link below. 

Session 3: Polar climate change, variability and teleconnections in the past, present, and future

Convenors: Dr Tom Bracegirdle, Dr Sheeba Chenoli, Dr Avinash Kumar, Prof Lin Wang, Prof Thomas Spengler, Rahul Dey, Prof Xiaoxia Huang, Dr Keith Alverson, Dr Suchithra Sundaram, Dr Dieter Tetzner 

Date: TBD

Session 20: Recent and anticipated shifts in Southern ocean biogeochemistry

Convenors: Heather Forrer, A/Prof Juan Höfer, Dr Sian Henley, Dr Irene Schloss

Date: TBD

W15: Antarctic Annual Climate Report: Concept and Feasibility

Convenors: Dr Tom Bracegirdle with support from CliC 

Date: TBD