– The Permafrost Carbon Networl is a Clic sponsored activity

Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change (session ID#: 2294)

Permafrost zone soils contain 1670 Pg of carbon (C). Permafrost degradation can change ecosystem C storage by enhancing microbial activity and ecosystem respiration, but can also stimulate plant growth and increase C stored in vegetation and surface soil. This session invites papers that examine factors causing losses and gains in ecosystem C storage that relate to the question: What is the magnitude, timing and form of C release from permafrost zone ecosystems in a changing climate? Papers may address any aspect of this topic from microbial communities to the global scale, using a range of measurements or modeling to detect and forecast permafrost thaw and the influence on the C cycle and future climate.

Christina Schädel, University of Florida
Dave McGuire, University of Alaska Fairbanks
David Olefeldt, University of Alberta

There are a number of other related permafrost sessions at AGU this year and the conveners hope that you consider to contribute your abstract to the session.