–Contributed by Letizia Tedesco

GRC BEPSII GroupPhotoDuring the GRC on Polar Marine Science that was held at Il Ciocco Resort (Barga, Italy) on 18-23 of March, BEPSII SC members Letizia Tedesco and Klaus Meiners organized an open and informal BEPSII get-together for new and old members. About 15-20 people met over lunch on Wednesday on a sunny Tuscan terrace and continued discussing during a nice walk down the medieval village of Barga, where some of them also stopped in a cafe before returning back uphill to the conference site. The lunch and walk together gave the possibility to several people to meet for the first time, to get to know better what BEPSII is and does and to initialize new discussions and collaborations.

GRC BEPSII photo posterDuring the GRC also BEPSII representative Letizia Tedesco presented on Wednesday afternoon the BEPSII Intercomparison of 1D sea-ice biogeochemical models, one of the many BEPSII tasks. Besides supporting Letizia’s participation to the GRC, CliC supports the intercomparison experiment by having funded an initial international workshop that was held at (SYKE) Helsinki in November 2017, and by co-founding the final international workshop that will be held in 15-17 of May at LOCEAN (Paris).