2015-03-24Chris Linder, WHOIWith the interest in Arctic science increasing, there may be a need for organizations with long standing interests in the Arctic to develop more effective means of communication with each other to avoid overlapping activity and share limited resources as well as to welcome new organizations and ideas into existing structures where possible.

The Climate and Cryosphere Project (CliC) and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) would like to take the opportunity of ASSW and ICARP III to bring together organizations, groups and projects working in the Arctic Ocean, particularly those dealing with climate connections and variability. The purpose of this meeting would be for groups to briefly share the projects they are working on and then ultimately to identify areas where increased collaborations may cover identified gaps. We are inviting representatives from the various organizations that have research interests in the Arctic Ocean / Climate Interactions area, see below for list.

Arctic Ocean and Climate Interactions Planning Meeting
27 April from 16 to 17:30 in the Simin Plaza, Toyama International Conference Center
In conjunction with the ASSW/ICARPIII/ISAR4 Conference in Toyama, Japan

This is a semi-closed side meeting, contact organizers if interested in attending.

If you are interested in attending, please send a short description of your current project or ideas for new projects to Jenny Baeseman before 13 April. This information will be circulated to participants prior to the meeting to help shorten ‘presentation time’ and allow more interactive discussion to take place.

… in case you are wondering why this meeting might be needed… there has been some discussion within WCRP over the past few years about creating an Arctic Ocean Region Panel to coordinate Arctic Ocean and Climate Interaction research.  We would like to have community input to see if this new structure is necessary, or if we can find ways to coordinate these research projects/ideas within current structures. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. we are happy to discuss them.

We hope to see you in Toyama,
Jenny Baeseman, CliC
Volker Rachold, IASC


coming soon


The following have been invited. A list of confirmed participants will be posted after 15 April.

Organization Invited Participant
AMAP Lars-Otto Reiersen
CAFF Tom Barry
PAME Soffia Gudmundsdottir
SWDG Doug Klassen
EEPR Ole Bjerkemo
ACAP Timo Seppala
Arctic Council Magnus Johannesson
SEARCH Hajo Eicken
IARPC Sara Bowden
SIPN Walt Meier
IACS Charles Fierz
PAG Sung-Ho Kang
FARO James Drummond
EPB Renuka Badhe
ISIRA Arkady Tishkov
FAMOS Andrey Proshutinsky
GRISO Fiamma Straneo
SAON David Hik and Tom Armstrong
Arctic ROOS Tor Olaussen
GOOS Albert Fischer
iAOOS Christine Provost
ARCTOS Jorgen Berge
ICES Adi Kellermann
ISAC Peter Schlosser
GCW Jeff Key
IPA Karina Schollän
MOSAIC Matt Schupe
IASC Atm Group Jim Overland
ISMASS Edward Hanna
PCPI Cecilia Bitz
PPP Thomas Jung
CLIVAR Detlef Stammer
APECS Gerlis Fugmann
IOC Vladimir Ryabinin
IASC Marine WG Bert Rudels
SPARC Joan Alexander
GEWEX Graeme Stephens
Arctic CORDEX Annette Rinke and John Cassano
Arctic Science Partnership Søren Rysgaard

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