Session ID: 8005AGU 2015
Session Title: Utility and quality of reanalyses in the polar regions
Conveners: David Bromwich and James Renwick

Reanalyses are key tools for investigating climate variability and change in the data sparse polar regions. Originally focused on the atmosphere only, some reanalyses now focus solely on the ocean or the land surface, while coupled atmosphere-ocean reanalyses are starting to be produced. There are many challenges to producing reliable reanalyses in the polar regions. Contributions are solicited on the following: intercomparison of reanalyses, both global and regional; polar-specific challenges regarding observations, data assimilation, model physics, oceanic boundary conditions, especially sea ice; reanalysis for the Southern Ocean and Antarctica before the start of the satellite era; ensemble approaches for background error, reanalysis uncertainty, and compositing reanalyses; and reliability of trends and climatologies.

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