AFS Final Sc MtgThe Arctic Freshwater Synthesis Final Science Meeting was held at the Water & Climate Impacts Research Centre (W-CIRC) at the University of Victoria, in Canada from May 12 to 14, 2015. Representatives from the six components (terrestrial hydrology, terrestrial ecology, resources, ocean, atmosphere and modelling) got together to work on strengthening the cross-component integration between the six manuscripts as well as with the introduction, conclusion, and summary. The component representatives were able to sit together and interact directly with each other which made this process easier. A lot of progress was done during this meeting and the authors are now working on the final stages before the deadline submission on July 1.

The meeting was funded by CliC through the grant awarded from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this project. The meeting was co-organized by W-CIRC and the CiC International Project Office.

The Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS) was also presented at the Arctic Science Summit Week, on April 28, 2015, in Toyama, Japan. The presentations are available online in the Downloads folder of the AFS webpage.

For more information, visit the AFS webpage.