We invite submissions to Session C7: Arctic Freshwater System at the Arctic Science Summit Week/ISAR-4/ICARP III Symposium (27-30 April, 2015) in Toyama, Japan! The Symposium, in general, will address the overarching themes “Rapid change of the Arctic climate system and its global influence” (ISAR-4) and “Integrating Arctic Research: a Roadmap for the Future” (ICARP III).

Session C7 will be on the Arctic Freshwater System, Changes and Effects with Emphasis on Arctic freshwater Ecosystems. It will be convened by Alexander Milner, University of Birmingham, Warwick Vincent, Université Laval, Terry Prowse, University of Victoria, and Johanna Mård Karlsson, Stockholm University. This session focuses on how major Arctic freshwater sources, fluxes and storage components are being modified, including: atmospheric and river transport, precipitation-evaporation-permafrost/soil moisture regimes, glacier and ice cap mass balances, sea-ice formation and dynamics, and marine exchanges including oceanic storage and release of low-salinity water. Also of interest are ecological and socio-economic effects that cascade from changes in these freshwater components and related processes.

Session C7 is part of the Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS) project that is being led and coordinated by CliC, in partnership with IASC and AMAP. Funding for this project has been provided by CliC, IASC, AMAP and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information on the AFS project here!

Submissions can be made via the ASSW 2015 Website until November 10, 2014!