A workshop to strengthen existing collaborations and develop new projects to enhance research projects between Norwegian and Chinese researchers.

Motivation and Outcomes

With this workshop we intend to intensify the collaboration between Norway and China, and open up the collaboration especially towards Fram Centre flagship projects and partners. Especially ongoing work in the Fram Centre project Polhavet about classification of sea ice from remote sensing (PI: T. Eltoft) could with this better be linked to ongoing collaboration. The plan is not only to invite scientists from China from the already active collaboration partners (Polar Research Institute of China (Shanghai), Dalian University of Technology, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing), Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China Meteorological Administration (Beijing)), but also from other research institutes in China that were better known through the existing collaborations (e.g. National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center (Beijing); Ocean University of China (Qingdao)). It is proposed to invite a few other scientists with existing Norwegian-Chinese collaboration or their themes (e.g. Norwegian partners in Norwegian-Chinese projects, e.g. Univ. Bergen, CICERO; potentially in-kind contribution from Norwegian-US project under NFR PolRes programme).

Some ongoing Norwegian-Chinese research projects with one or more Fram Centre partner are: “AMORA”, “LOTUS” and “Satellite Remote Sensing of Atmosphere-Surface Systems and Ground Truth Measurements” (all of which are funded by the Research Council of Norway). The projects have several Chinese partners in addition to other international collaborators. The work in these projects concerns scientific issues about Arctic sea ice development, the transport of black carbon in the Arctic and its effect on the snow albedo, improved remote sensing and modelling of snow/ice and aerosols optical properties, surface albedo models, as well as scientist exchange events and outreach.

Organizing committee

Sebastian Gerland, Christina Pedersen, Mats Granskog, Jean-Charles Gallet, Caixin Wang, Nalan Koc, Kim Holmen (Norwegian Polar Institute)

Torbjørn Eltoft (University of Tromsø)

Jenny Baeseman (Climate and Cryosphere Project – CliC)