Thumbnail 2016CliCAnnualReportThe 2016 WCRP-CliC Annual Report is available. The report gives an overview of our activities in 2016 and includes contributions from all of the CliC Projects/Groups Leads.

Table of Content

    Overview from the Co‐Chairs
    Scientific Steering Group (SSG) Members
    The International Project Office
    CliC‐sponsored Workshops and Meetings
    Report Format
    WCRP Grand Challenge ‐ Melting Ice and Global Consequences
        -Ice Sheet Modelling Intercomparison Project 6 (ISMIP6)
        -Marine Ice Sheet Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (MISOMIP)
        -Earth System Model ‐ Snow Model Intercomparison Project (ESM‐SnowMIP)
        -Glacier Model Intercomparision Project (GlacierMIP)
        -Sea Ice and Climate Modeling Forum / Diagnostic Sea Ice Model Intercomparison Project (SIMIP)
        -Permafrost Carbon Network
    Sea Ice
        -Arctic Sea Ice Working Group (ASIWG)
        -Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt)
        -Technical Committee on Sea Ice Observations
        -BEPSII ‐ Biogeochemical exchange processes at Sea Ice Interfaces
    Hydrology & Permafrost
        -Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
        -Permafrost Modeling Forum
    Ice Sheets
        -SCAR/IASC/CliC Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS)
    Regional Activities
        -CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Regional Panel
        -Polar Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (Polar CORDEX)
        -Southern Ocean Satellite Data Requirements
    Inter‐disciplinary Activities
        -Interactions Between High‐latitude Cryosphere Elements
        -WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative (PCPI)
    Social Science
        -Where Are They Now?
    Emerging Activities and Ideas