The Arctic CORDEX Meeting was held on November 8, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium from 9am until noon. It was held after the general CORDEX meeting ( Download the meeting notes.

Arctic-CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment – Arctic Domain) ( is the Arctic portion of the international CORDEX initiative ( CORDEX is a WCRP-sponsored program to organize an international coordinated framework to produce an improved generation of regional climate change projections worldwide for input into impact and adaptation studies within the AR5 timeline and beyond. Currently, the core of Arctic-CORDEX consists of dynamical regional climate (RCM) simulations for hindcast (ERA-Interim and GCM-driven historical simulations) and scenario (GCM-driven rcp4.5, rcp8.5 simulations) periods. Currently Arctic-CORDEX data has been provided by CCCma, HIRHAM, RCA, and WRF regional climate models.

The primary goal of the workshop was to review the current status of on-going Arctic CORDEX activities and to plan and coordinate future activities.
All research groups that have started or are planning to contribute to the Arctic CORDEX activity, either by performing simulations or analyzing Arctic CORDEX data, were encouraged to give a short presentation on their activities.
These presentations discussed which simulations are finished, running, and planned and what analyses are completed or planned.
After these overview presentations the remainder of the meeting was dedicated to an open discussion of future activities and methods for coordinating these activities.

Workshop organizers John Cassano ( and Annette Rinke (