A number of meetings and gatherings has been held to plan how to synthesize our current scientific understanding of Arctic freshwater sources, fluxes, storage and effects. For documents, presentations and meeting notes for the Arctic Freshwater Synthesis go to the AFS Album at:

Upcoming Meeting(s)


Past Meetings

AFS Final Science Meeting

12-14 May 2015
University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

AFS Leads and Steering Committee Meeting

24-25 November, 2014
Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway

Atmosphere Component Writing Team Meeting

6-7 November, 2014
Helsinki, Finland

Resources and Hydrology Components Writing Team Meeting

14-16 September 2014
Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway


Terrestrial Ecology Components Writing Team Meeting

6-10 October 2014
Wallingford, UK


Scientific Co-Leads Meeting

4-6 May 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
[Website] [Meeting Notes] [Information for Stockholm meeting]
[Examples for Cross-Component Dialogues] [Zero order drafts]
[Summary of the cross-component discussions]


Steering Committee Meeting of Opportunity at AGU

December 2013
[Meeting Notes]


Scientific Co-Leads and Steering Committee Meeting

11-12 November 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
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Steering Committee Teleconferences

20 November 2014 [Meeting Notes]
31 October 2014 [Meeting Notes]
14 October 2014 [Meeting Notes]
25 August 2014 [Meeting Notes]
7 July 2014 [Meeting Notes]
2 June 2014 [Meeting Notes]
2 October 2013 [Meeting Notes]   
17 June  2013 [Meeting Notes]
13 May  2013 [Meeting Notes]
20 February 2013 [Meeting Notes]

Arctic Freshwater Assessment Planning Meeting

18 April 2013
Krakow, Poland
[Website] [Meeting Notes]


Arctic Freshwater Assessment Initial Meeting

5 December 2012
San Francisco, USA
[Meeting Notes]