The Report from the 8th Session CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Panel (SOP), held in Hobart, Australia from 21st -22nd February 2013. WCRP Informal/Series Report No. 16/2013, ICPO Informal Report 190/13, is now available. The SOP meetings occur every 15 – 18 months, often scaffolded onto other relavent meetings the panel members would be attending. In this case the meeting was held in conjunction with a workshop on sea level rise. Attendees of the meeting included 9 members of the SOP and 13 other invited experts including representatives from modelling, palaeo, and early career scientists community. Discussions focussed on; the status of SOOS and the under ice observations workshop; the use of the C-SOBOM programme; Antarctica 2K working group activities; and a joint session with the working group on ocean model development (WGOMD).  Download the report here.