CliC and the International Permafrost Association (IPA) are seeking your input. We invite you to participate in a survey on ‘Permafrost Research Priorities’ (PRP), which aims at identifying the top priorities in permafrost research. The process will span much of 2014 engaging the research community and will result in a short publication listing and putting into context research priorities. The document shall become the benchmark against which permafrost research should be gauged starting in 2015. The final document of priorities will be sent to national and international funding agencies, international organizations, policy makers, and others with interests in supporting permafrost research.  It will form one of the outputs of the International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III).

We are interested in collecting forward-looking research questions (max. 3) from individuals with professional interests in understanding physical, biogeochemical, ecological, and social processes that affect permafrost areas in the Arctic, the Antarctic and in mountain regions.

The following link will guide you to the survey and detailed background information on the PRP process. Deadline for submitting questions is 20 September 2014.