– The Permafrost Carbon Network is a CliC sponsored activity

1A few news items from the Permafrost Carbon Network….

-The 4th Annual PCN Meeting prior to AGU 2014 in San Francisco was another successful and highly attended meeting. Working group leads and co-leads updated the attendance on their various activities before the four breakout sessions focused on a) Modeling, Benchmarking and possible CMIP6 activities; b) Arctic coastal processes and Yedoma region carbon pools; c) Thermokarst upscaling and d) Aerobic and Anaerobic upscaling using a Panarctic thermal scaling approach.

-The Permafrost Carbon Network is now hosted at Northern Arizona University and so Ted Schuur’s and Christina Schaedel’s email addresses changed to Ted.Schuur@nau.edu and Christina.Schaedel@nau.edu.

-Special Issue in Biogeosciences on ‘Freshwater ecosystems in changing permafrost landscapes’. Guest editors are: I. Laurion, J. E. Vonk, W. F. Vincent, and V. Brovkin. The timeline for submission is 15 April 2014- 20 June 2015. More details can be found here: http://www.biogeosciences.net/submission/scheduled_special_issues.html#45


-Multiple new publications (this list is not complete)

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