Polar Climate Predictability Workshop Summary

Contributed by Marilyn Raphael and Julie Jones.

The Polar Climate Predictability Initiative (PCPI) aims to bring together scientists engaged in research on polar climates, including the atmosphere, oceans and cryosphere.  Its purpose is to develop a coordinated program of research to improve the predictability of Polar Climates at longer timescales.  A first meeting was held in Bergen, Norway, in October 2010.  This was followed up by a three-day workshop in April 2012 at the University of Toronto in Canada, the aim of which was to produce a draft implementation plan on Polar Climate Predictability to be considered at the JSC meeting in July 2012. Keynote presentations were followed by focus groups, which were tasked to identify key scientific frontiers, the imperatives to address these, and focused scientific topics.

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WCRP Director and In-coming CliC-Chair Visit the Norwegian Polar Institute

The CliC International Project Office was happy to host the visit of WCRP Director Ghassem Asrar and in-coming CliC Chair Gregory M. Flato at the The Norwegian Polar institute on Monday 12.November 2012.

Dr. Asrar and Dr. Flato met with many researchers at NPI. Initial discussions were also held with NPI leadership on a formal agreement regarding the hosting of the CliC office. Dr. Flato gave a stimulating talk on "Predictions and Projections of Arctic Climate Change"

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Here are some useful files to help prepare for the SSG 9 meeting. Travel Information Updated Draft Agenda – 1 February 2013 Draft CliC Priorities and Activities for 2013 -…

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The ACSYS Decade and Beyond

A new book edited by Peter Lemke and Hans-Werner Jacobi, Hans-Werner on the history of the Arctic System Study (ACSYS) and ways forward has just been released. ACSYS is the precursor of CliC, so we hope you will all enjoy this great publication.

The ACSYS Decade and Beyond Lemke, Peter; Jacobi, Hans-Werner (Eds.) Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, Vol. 43, Springer, Dordrecht, 464 p., 2012.

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Monday, 4 Feb: Current State of CliC Albert Einstein Campus, Haus H (main building with cafeteria)09:00 – 09:30    Opening Session - -    Call to order – Greg Flato, CliC Chair-  …

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