Here are some useful files to help prepare for the SSG 9 meeting. Travel Information Updated Draft Agenda – 1 February 2013 Draft CliC Priorities and Activities for 2013 -…

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The ACSYS Decade and Beyond

A new book edited by Peter Lemke and Hans-Werner Jacobi, Hans-Werner on the history of the Arctic System Study (ACSYS) and ways forward has just been released. ACSYS is the precursor of CliC, so we hope you will all enjoy this great publication.

The ACSYS Decade and Beyond Lemke, Peter; Jacobi, Hans-Werner (Eds.) Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, Vol. 43, Springer, Dordrecht, 464 p., 2012.

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Monday, 4 Feb: Current State of CliC Albert Einstein Campus, Haus H (main building with cafeteria)09:00 – 09:30    Opening Session - -    Call to order – Greg Flato, CliC Chair-  …

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CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG) members will gather to set forth the plans for CliC's mission and objectives for the next few years. CliC Working Group members, representatives, and other…

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Local Information

The host of the CliC SSG - 9 meeting is one of CliC's co-sponsors, the International Arctic Science Committee whose Secretariat based at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam, Germany.…

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SSG 10 in Geneva

The main objectives of the CliC SSG-X were to review the progress of CliC initiatives and themes; make sure that CliC contributes tangibly to the WCRP objectives and key deliverables…

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SSG 9 in Potsdam

The main objectives of the CliC SSG-IX will be to review the progress of CliC initiatives and themes; make sure that CliC contributes tangibly to the WCRP/IASC/SCAR objectives and key…

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The workshop was open to Norwegian and Chinese scientists, as well as scientists from other countries that work in networks with researchers from these two nations. The workshop was sponsored…

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The 3-day workshop will have presentations, posters, discussions, and working groups discussions. Venue: Fram Centre, Hjalmar Johansens gate 14, Tromsø, Norway, Meeting room “Ny-Ålesund”, second floor January 28, 2013 TimeTitleRoom 10:00–10:30…

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