Climate & Cryosphere

Understanding the cryosphere and its climate connectionS

Climate and Cryosphere: understanding the cryosphere and its climate connections

Our Mission

To advance understanding of climate-driven changes in the frozen parts of our planet and to support efforts to mitigate and adapt to their impacts on ecosystems and human society.

Who We Are

CliC is a Core Project of the World Climate Research Program. We are a global community of scientists investigating the cryosphere and its interactions with the climate system. Our expertise includes modeling, observations, cross-disciplinary work, and stakeholder engagement.

What We Do

CliC identifies key research priorities pertaining to climate and the cryosphere and coordinates international activities to address them. We highlight emerging issues, facilitate scientific exchanges, cooperate with stakeholders, and promote early career researcher development. We also communicate cryosphere-related science to policymakers, funding agencies, and the general public.

How We Work

CliC brings together scientists and stakeholders from all over the world to plan and implement activities targeting scientific and societal priorities. A Scientific Steering Group has overall responsibility for planning and guiding our work. Our International Project Office is the main point of contact for CliC.

Join our session at egu24

CliC is hosting a session in Vienna for EGU 2024:
The Diminishing Cryosphere: Transdisciplinary Investigation of Societal Impacts
Call for abstracts is now open. Click the button below for more information on our session and how to get involved.

What is the cryosphere and why is it important?

The cryosphere is the frozen component of the Earth system. This includes snow, all forms of ice (on land and at sea), as well as frozen ground, known as permafrost. The cryosphere includes three primary regions: the Arctic, Antarctic, and high mountain areas. The cryosphere plays a vital role in maintaining the Earth’s climate and provides essential services to humans and animals alike.

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