Open Data Portal for low-bandwidth sea-ice information delivery

1The OPEN DATA PORTAL for On-Site Sea ice Information (OSSI) have now been released.

The service is intended for researches and stakeholders in sea ice covered regions with low data bandwidth connection. Fill in a request in the web-based order form, and you will receive updates via email with sea-ice concentration information in your area of interest up to 8 updates a day.

Sea-ice concentration data from GCOM-W AMSR2 (© JAXA) at 6.25 km resolution
Choice of various data and image formats
Full Arctic/Antarctic Oceans or custom region of interest
File size optimized for Iridium transfer (e.g. Fram Strait with a region size of 800 km and GeoTIFF option: 6.5 kB)
Updates are based on individual swaths rather than daily composites
Delay between satellite acquisition and delivery is therefore less than 2 hours

New features and datasets will be added incrementally in upcoming releases:

higher spatial resolution sea-ice concentration data (3.125 km resolution)
additional data formats (netCDF, GRIB)
sea-ice edge and lead information
sea-ice drift information
Sentinel-1A/1B SAR maps

Feedback concerning all aspects of this new sea-ice data service is most welcome, write to Stefan Hendricks of the The OSSI team


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